Black Ant King Pills – Case /12 metal boxes / 10 pills per box / 120 Pills

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Black Ant King
1 box black ant king has 10 pills,welcome to buy black ant king wholesale or retail from
Black Ant King,can last 180 hours in human body without any side effect.

Black Ant King is produced by Hongkong Hongwei Biology Research Center after years of meticulous research. It’s accessed to market the latest American Viagra substitute after clinical trial in 2005. The product can increase and enlarge the penis, solve the transitory sex effectively, prevent impotence and premature ejaculation and prolong the time of sex. It also has good curative effect for penis which is up but soft. It can persist 180 hours in human body without any side effect, dependency, blush, rapid heartbeat, nausea, headache. It doesn’t influence heart disease, hypertension and glycuresis. It’s good for patients with prostatitis. Taking after drink doesn’t affect the results