Le fuyuan – Vaginal tightening tablet & spray

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Best vagina tightener 100% herbal high effects Le fuyuan Vaginal tightening tablet& spray with no side effect

1.-The best vagina tightener
2.-eliminate toxicant
3. – nourish ovarian
4. – USA, FDA registered
5. – Sex & health care medicine
Brief Description

Vaginal tightening pill is made of Traditional Chinese medicine with high effect, and natural extracts, as well as the medicine which has the best tight effect. And it has the high effect and quick sorption, one of its ingredient, Polygene yellow ketone, the same as the flavone from women’s body. Can quickly replenish, activate, and repair the vagina, the mucous membrane of uterus.

Vagina tightening spray is the safest, most easy and affordable solution to tighten the vagina. You can get your virginity back without expensive vagina tightening treatments or hard and time consuming exercises. With just two spurts of Instant Virgin vaginal tightening spray your vagina become tight, and love making pleasure for both you and your partner will increase substantially


Saussurea, Scutellaria, Phellodendron, Sophora, Curcuma, Burnet, Ginseng saponin,(the picture is as following)


one set for Vaginal tightening pill and spray

The main functions

Tighten the vagina, kill the bacteria, anti-inflammation, Get rid of peculiar smell balance PH of private part .repair the mucous membrane of vagina and uterus, balance the reproductive system

Using Methods(External Use) Clean the vagina, use the fingerstall, I insert the pill into the 5-8 cm of vagina. one pill per 5 days


one pill per 5 days , for 6 consecutive days for a course of treatment; Vaginitis :1-2 courses Cervicitis :2-3 courses, Severe increase in treatment: mycoplasma chlamydia infection at least 2 courses

box package


Pregnant, lactating and menstruating women.

Sealed store in a cool and dry place.Avoid from direct sun light.
Shelf Life

2 years