Numbing Cream For Lasting Longer

It is very hard to climax during sex whenever it lasts for more than thirty seconds. This condition is referred to as premature ejaculation (PE).  PE has academically been defined as well as redefined repeatedly over the years. It was found recently by a large multinational study that the average amount of time that it takes for a man to come after his penis is inserted is 5.4 minutes.  Approximately one out of eight men comes before three minutes and also around one in four is able to last for over ten minutes. 

Sex expert Dr. Elna Rudolph says that the PE self-diagnosis is quite subjective. She said she saw a man who complained he was lasting under ten minutes now and was unable to immediately get an erection after coming any longer.  However, that is fairly impressive by most standards. A perceived decreased ability is simply part of the normal aging process, but is still distressing for patients.  

It can be very challenging to talk to a man about PE.  If he doesn’t mention anything, it can be very hard to provide suggestions – and you need to approach it subtly. There is a good chance he has worried about it for quite some time and will welcome any suggestions you might have. Men don’t like admitting if they aren’t the studs that they pretend they are in the bedroom, so they don’t get any help for issues that can be easily solved. 

So, if your man is coming too fast what should you do?   

1. Condoms 

Theoretically it can take some sensation away (although all of us are attempting to convince men that it does not).  A recently study shows that in long-term heterosexual partnerships condoms do not make a difference. 

2. Local Anesthetic And Numbing Cream To Last Longer

In gel, cream, or spray form, it numbs the area, and makes him last longer.  Place it over the penis glans, and the frenulum in particular (the most sensitive part, which is a small skin tag on the back). It’s better using a condom with it – since you don’t want to have your sensitive parts numbed also! You can purchase brands such as STUD100 at a sex shop or consult with your pharmacist to get a local anaesthetic gel or cream. Rudolph says she prescribes Remicaine Jelly that contains 2% Emla Cream or lidocaine. 

3. The Stop-Start Technique

That involves thrusting right up to that point where is about to come and then stopping until he regains control, and then start up again, and repeat the process three to four times.  That will teach him how to last longer, particularly if his PE is due to a psychological cause.  He also can practice this on his own even when mild thrusting isn’t possible. 

4. An SSRI

This anti-depressant class is used as a side-effect that causes delayed ejaculation in regular people. Hoe will need to go to his doctor to get a prescription for it, so naturally that won’t be your first option. It usually doubles the amount of time that he takes for him to come.  

5. A PDE5 Inhibitor

Also known as Cialis, Levitra, or Viagra.  Men come too quickly often because they are unable to maintain their erections.  When erectile dysfunction is treated it also improves PE. Be sure that your man doesn’t have this kind of problem.  Rudolph also says that it may also be a early warning signal of a heart disease, so you need to be sure he is checked out.