Vaginal Whitening Soap – Lightening up your lady parts

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Vaginal Whitening Soap

· Whitens dark skin in the groin and vaginal area
· Smooths coarse skin in the groin and vaginal areas
· Eliminates bad odors.

Due to various harm from the western environment skin melanomas,
leads to excessive melanin. Rich in the activated natural ingredients and
abundant inhibition melanin inhibiting enzyme, this Natural Active Crystal
Soap is designed to quickly block the formation of melanin and rapidly
relieve the symptom of coarse and dark skin of crotch, buttocks and
other parts. This product is based on natural plant resources, non-toxic
additive-free, without any side effects.

Seaweed extract, Fruit enzymes, Tea tree oil, Mint, Honey, Lecithin,
Papain, Protease pineapple, Coconut oil, Vitamin E, lactic acid, Algae
compound shell glutamate, Crystal element, apricot kernel oil, Shea
Butter, The activity of GTCC protease

Vaginal Whitening Soap